All bookings must be made online through our website.

please be informed that All bookings require a $20 deposit to secure your appointment, this deposit is not refundable. 

Customers, please advise that when booking your appointment, due to us not running the hair wash service, please advise to wash your hair thoroughly prior to your appointment time. We believe in hygiene, Henceforth, we will not attend to you, nor touch your hair whilst it’s not washed. 

We will generously blow out your hair when you attend your appointment, this is when it has been washed.

We do not accept pick-ups or orders on our Instagram page, all orders must be made online and be paid online. 

Interstate delivery:

Standard: $12.30
Small $9.55
Medium $12.95
Large $16.30
Extra small $19.65

Express: $15
Large $12.55
Medium $16.45
Small $20.30
Extra small $26.65

International shipping/delivery 

Standard: $34.80
It takes 9-25 business days 
Delays may occur due to Covid-19 disruptions 

Express: $49.80
8-18 business days 
Delays may occur